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New life?

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Ok, so theoretically I am way past girl stage, but it just had a great ring about it, so much better than your woman in Spain, which makes me sound 100 or Your lady in Spain, which makes me sound 100 and a hooker!

So here I am, I will be writing a weekly or maybe more, dump of information about living in Spain, what it is really like?

A disclaimer early on is that we love it, we have been here for 14 years and have raised two kids and set up two businesses. But it is not the idyllic life that people will tell you it is when they are selling you a place in the sun, another disclaimer here is that I´m an estate agent but I will not sell people a dream that does not exist. I tell them that it is very likely that sometimes they will hate their new life.

Would I return to my native country? (the UK by the way). I would never say never, but I think it is highly unlikely. Have I integrated perfectly into the Spanish life, with Spanish friends and a perfect understanding of the language? have I bollocks! I wanted to, I still want to, and my lifestyle to most visitors is that we live the Spanish life, my daughter certainly identifies as Spanish. But it is hard, harder than I ever believed.

I miss my friends in the UK, I have missed crucial events that I will never get back, nephews and nieces are pretty much strangers, especially since COVID.

But on the other hand, we have another family, a community in spain from all over the world, who have bridged that gap. I spent quite a bit of time, torn between two countries or several countries and I wondered if it would have been much easier if we had never left the village we lived in. But I would have been bored shitless.

I have grown, strunk and grown again, I have lived abroad through child birth, and a change of life from career to stay at home mum, sometimes I thought I would explode, bit dramatic? Yeah probably because when I was exploding I could always walk on the beach, swim or climb a mountain, I could always see green grass (brown in the summer) and flashy birds with multi coloured wings. Sometimes I was miserable in paradise, and I do not doubt for a minute that I would not have been miserable in the UK too.

Watch out for my posts, if you are considering moving to Spain, or anywhere outside of your native country there will be something for you.

If you have already moved and you would like a chat, or you want to comment, please do, I would love to hear your views. But please, be realistic, tell it as it is, the wonders and the crap bits.

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